Easier Meal Planning

Chefling is the easy meal planning app.  We serve up recipes based on what you have, then create a shopping list for everything else.

We'll send the app link to your phone.

Most people love to cook something new week to week, but trying new recipes often means buying too many things you won’t know how to use again.  Chefling helps you build meal plans with as few missing ingredients as possible, and next week, we’ll help you use up those new items you bought.

Spice Up Your Meal Plans Without Having to Shop Daily 

The key to good budgeting and less food waste is consistent weekly meal planning.  Tell Chefling what day and time you want a meal planning reminder and we’ll make sure you are on track. Or, start a new meal plan anytime you want!

Build Good Habits with Weekly Meal Planning Reminders

Don’t have time to create an entirely new meal plan weekly?  Chefling lets you browse your past plans easily by adding your favorite dishes over and over to next week’s meal plan.

Save and View Your Meal Planning History Effortlessly

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