​Pantry & Inventory Management​

Keep track of all of your food so you can buy less, use things before they expire, and use everything in your pantry to make dinner a delight.

We'll send the app link to your phone.

See What’s About to Expire in Your Virtual Pantry

No more trips to the pantry or fridge to see what’s about to expire. You can now see your entire pantry in one place with expiration dates and custom alerts.

Chefling makes it super easy to tell us what you have, using our “Bulk add”, “Quick Add”, and barcode scanning features.

Easily Load Dozens of Items in Just a Minute or Two

Keep Your Pantry Up to Date, Easy as Pie

Once you’ve told Chefling what’s in your pantry, keeping it up to date is very easy. Simply use the Chefling shopping list and we’ll update your pantry based on what you’ve bought.

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